At Homeless.com.au we provide a portal for those wonderful citizens offering help that link with those in our communities who need it most.

Whether it be as a result of family breakdown, adversity, unemployment, domestic violence, addiction, abuse, natural disaster, Homeless.com.au provides the platform for every Australian to share something that they have in excess with someone to which that support will mean so much.

On the Homeless.com.au website individuals, families, couple and corporations can offer anything from a space available as a short-term shelter through to the purchase of a t-shirt, drink bottle or reusable shopping bag. Homeless.com.au provides the opportunity for every Australian to offer support to friends in need.

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At Homeless.com.au we believe the gift of giving is the greatest gift of all.



CEO & Founder of Homeless.com.au


CEO & Founder of Homeless.com.au

At homeless.com.au its been my vision to provide a connection through our portal between hosts (everyday Australians) and agencies (support Organisations) to provide a broadened network of available resources for shelter, support, hygiene, training and employment of the homeless and disadvantaged in our communities.
Homeless is not hopeless. Homelessness in Australia is everyone’s responsibility and by working collaboratively with all in our community and sharing resources, energy, and opportunity I believe we can make homelessness history. Join me and help me make a difference today.

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Agencies around Australia that support the homeless and disadvantaged in our communities are invited to Register Here so together we can make meaningful connections with the kind people who are willing to offer a room space or shelter in their lives for someone in need

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At homeless.com.au it is our vision to end homeless in Australia. We believe its everyone’s responsibility to help those less fortunate in our communities. Whether its shelter for the night week or month, a hot meal, support with employment and training or the provision of services to combat addiction. At homeless.com.au everyday Australians can register their support today

We must teach our children that the greatest gift in life is the gift of giving and only then through future generations can we change our world and make history. Those suffering adversity in our society are Homeless not hopeless! We must support them along a path to recovery and help them find their strengths and purpose and assist them in making a meaningful contribution within society and one where they are both respected and valued by all.

Richard Furnari – Founder www.homeless.com.au


In 2014, I commenced a charity in Geelong called Project C. Project C was a program for children centeredaround collaboration, community and vitamin c. The inspiration was to provide children in in challenged demographic areas in our community with fresh oranges and mandarins.

Over the next three years, with the support of David Thierry from Geelong Citrus Packers, we delivered fresh citrus fruit to over 12,000 children across 41 schools in the Geelong area. As a part of this project and with the support of Carrie Felton from Stuck on You, we were able to provide backpacks, rain coats, drink bottles and lunch boxes to those same children and schools that were in need of these basic items.

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In 2011, our family was devastated with the illness of one of our children to Rotavirus. Rotavirus is one of the leading causes of child mortality in the world today. Fortunately, after many months of treatment and care from one of the world’s greatest medical facilities in the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, we were able to see our child make a full recovery and today, thanks to the dedication of the Doctors, Nurses and support staff , he enjoys life to the fullest.

The least I could do to show my gratitude was make a contribution to the RCH for saving our child’s life. Along with my wife and children, we purchased endoscopic equipment for RCH that sees around 250 children per year avoid invasive stomach surgeries.

This experience, although devastating at the time, allowed us to give back and make a difference in the lives of so many children that rely on the RCH each year.

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The Black Saturday bushfires were a series of bushfires that ignited and were burning across the state of Victoria, Australia on Saturday 7th of February 2009 and are considered Australia’s all-time worst bushfire disaster.

The next day, I decided to contact the local radio station and offer to open one of our newly-completed warehouses to the public as a drop-off point for donated goods to assist bushfire victims and as a call for volunteers to help sort and prepare the goods for transport to the fire grounds to help bushfire victims.

The experience that ensued changed my life forever. Two years earlier, I was at a truck auction in Sydney and purchased approximately 80 pallets (4 semi-trailer loads) of new, ex-defence clothing such as boots, jackets and jumpers and had been donating them to the less fortunate in our local Geelong community. I opened the doors on Monday morning and the response was so overwhelming, I had to contact Geelong Police to manage the traffic. The response was so great that we were turning away more and more volunteers each day.

As a result, we were able to send 82 semi-trailer loads of donated goods, including 4 caravans and 2 cars to assist the bushfire recovery effort.

The experience lead me to believe that there are many thousands of people who want to help those in need in our communities. All that was missing was simply the conduit to be able to provide the support.

From this thought and experience, my vision for homeless.com.au emerged.


In early 2017 after being award a NESA Award for Youth Employment, I was offered a position on a reference group with the Federal Government, discussing ways to improve youth unemployment.

I have always found that transportation is a common difficulty for young people looking for work. It’s the age-old ‘chicken and egg’ scenario of young people not being able to gain employment because they don’t have a car, but not being able to afford to buy a car because they don’t have a job.

My vision was to create a program where young people with an offer for employment could access low-interest loans up to $9,000 for an approved vehicle that is purchased with Roadworthy Certificate, warranty and form a Licenced Motor Dealer.

The result is ‘wheelsforwork.com.au’. A program we a currently looking to pilot that will provide young Australians with the opportunity to access the purchase of a motor vehicle, helping them with employment, general health and sporting interest, connecting an staying connected with family and mentors as well as giving opportunity for promotion, overtime and secondary employment. The program is working towards a full access launch to all young Australians who may qualify and we look forward to a program that could substantially increase employment eligibility an opportunities for many young Australians in the near future.


We communicate with hundreds of homeless people and support agencies each year. Our website provides a platform where vital support can be shared between hosts and agencies that will enable people to rebuild their lives and find friendship and support and help break the cycle of homelessness for good.











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